Ireland's Response & Recovery

There are two ways to protect against natural and other disasters: one is through insurance private or from the government that helps compensate persons badly hurt by loss of family member or property. The other is through self-protection, which means actions to reduce the probability of the disasters from happening- as when a person drives more carefully to reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident, or when countries agree to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the hope of reducing the probability of severe global warming.


The rebuilding and recovery process, with help from the Government and international Organizations will give the health sectors in affected counties a chance to strengthen their health systems in a long-term, sustainable way and the whole health system of the country in general.


Key road improvements and new construction investments necessary to effectively link key economic points such as ports, villages, markets, and strategic interior roads should be implemented. Government and state-owned enterprises such as the ministry of transport should set up funds or grants that would be used in the event that emergency relief for reconstruction is needed. Providing the Meteorological and Geophysical Agency of Ireland with strategic, technical and operational technical assistance to implement key aspects of the emergencies of this magnitude. Funded assistance will enable the country to enhance its tsunami preparedness and warning processes; to speed response time for destructive seismic and oceanographic events and thus mitigate potential human and economic losses; and to integrate state-of-the-art technologies and data and communications systems into its disaster management strategies. In general the general funding and creation of emergency funds should be highlighted by the government and the respective ministries responsible for the up keep of general Communications.  This applies also to one of the very important infrastructure like housing and water systems which will serve as a provision for those affected by the disaster. Having a system like this set up after a disaster will put nations/ a nation in a better situation to deal with other forms of disasters that might occur. 




Physical Reconstruction

Economic Recovery